Imagine that, the comments here are exactly what I expected: Just what they happen to be everywhere else on the internet when TUSC gets brought up. Looks like someone just said "You know, maybe gay marriage isn't that bad" on Fox News. » 4/17/14 2:13pm Yesterday 2:13pm

Yep, had this issue when I bought my Sonic. I was buying literally when they first came out, my 1.4t was held for a few weeks so they could QC it. Mind you, at this time I was working for GM, so you'd think I'd have been able to RPO some things. Nope. And they weren't even big things. » 4/14/14 6:55pm Monday 6:55pm

Have you considered compiling all the tweets you post into a daily "Best of Jaloptweets" post, rather than blowing up Oppo with embedded tweets? I think it would be more beneficial to the people who don't have a twitter, and less of an issue to those who do have a twitter, and are therefore seeing most of these tweets… » 4/13/14 2:23pm Sunday 2:23pm

Good news for this particular issue in modern cars is that it probably wont happen. BCM programmed so If: Engine Running, Then: Don't hit starter. This is also why you can just bump your key into start and the engine will crank until it starts and no more. » 4/11/14 12:23pm 4/11/14 12:23pm