I've been told this by my dad, the former owner of a modified 77 Cobra II. The Mustang II really had some good parts, especially the suspension. Was the best handling factory Mustang until very recently.

That is also his planned next project after his TR-3: Built high revving all iron 302 Clevor. » 10/24/14 12:24pm Today 12:24pm

Technically if you get clearance from an airport to fly a drone in the US, wouldn't it be considered using it for commercial use, which is technically illegal at this point?

Even if it isn't, the fact this has to be a consideration is proof of how bad the government is at handling "drones" in this country. » 10/24/14 7:08am Today 7:08am

It all comes back to the same thing: Eddie Gossage should be one of the most hated people in American racing. Not only did his track kill Texas World Speedway, but he stops this, was probably a PITA about the Houston GP, and is a key player in the deaths of both North Wilkesboro and Rockingham speedways. » 10/20/14 9:16am Monday 9:16am

Everyone always forgets the most underrated track car ever: The Cobalt SS. Yes, the car was shite, but you can destroy WRXs all day long with them. Its ring time is still faster than the Focus RS, Porsche Cayman S and Exige S. That was stock. You can get another couple hundred HP out of them really easily. » 10/19/14 10:37am Sunday 10:37am

They only changed to the format they used yesterday to try to get qualifying out of the way as quickly as possible. If they used the system they used at the other races this season you'd see the same thing, but the cars would have been parked for 20 minutes instead of 4. It has happened in trucks on the big tracks all… » 10/19/14 9:18am Sunday 9:18am

Yay internet. Well its better than the time I almost got banned on a forum after a website I had hotlinked a picture from 6 months prior decided they didn't want hotlinks anymore and changed all pictures hotlinked from their site to pictures of penises. » 10/18/14 10:53am 10/18/14 10:53am

Question: I've never ridden but I've wanted to get into it. I know I don't want anything near 600cc. I don't trust myself with power (Why I don't own a vehicle with over 200 hp). Would I be better off looking at one of these, a slightly used one (Blasts are temptingly cheap, but I'm also 6'1" and 230 lb) or something… » 10/16/14 4:16pm 10/16/14 4:16pm

If it runs and is solid, hell of a deal. I think I got my 66 for that a few years ago needing a lot of rust repair. Places to look will be the inner fender wells, all 4 cab corners and the floor pans. The cab corners are the biggest places these rust out. The frame is easy enough to check for rust because there isn't… » 10/16/14 8:58am 10/16/14 8:58am